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Thermocouple K Type in MgO Compressed

Thermocouple K typeThermocouple K type in Mgo
Tolerance class 1 as IEC584 1,2
Hot Joint insulated
Insulation in MgO compressed
Sheath diameter 4mm in Inconel600
Sheath length 400mm
Junction transiction in AISI, diameter 8x50mm + anti-crease spring, total length 50mm
Spot-welding on transiction + crimping and resining
Extension cable section 2×0,35 mm2 screened by Teflon insulated cable
Cable length 3.1 meters
Cable screen connected to the Inconel600 sheath

Pt100 4 wires with handle

RTD Pt100 4 wiresPt100 4 wires with handle
Working range from -50 °C to +250 °C
Class 1/10 DIN43760
Simple insulation
Sheath diameter 4mm in AISI304
Sheath length 150mm
Aluminum handle (diameter 19x100mm)
Extension cable section 4×0.22 mm2
Inner conductors insulated by Teflon, external bt silicon rubber
Length 3 Meters
Banana end fitting