Temperature Probe for Soil Measures

Penetration Probe for soil Temperature MeasuresTemperature Probe suitable for surveys in agriculture
Needle Temperature Sensor
Sensor: RTD Pt100, Thermistor NTC. Thermocouple (based on your Indicator)
Sheath in stainless steel 316
Extension cable: 3 / 10 / 20 / 50 meters
Ergonomic handle
Portable Indicator

Thermocouple K Type for Aluminum foundries and Zinc baths

Thermocouple K Type for Aluminum foundries and Zinc bathsThermocouple K Type
Tolerance Class 1 as IEC584 1,2
Insulated single hot joint
Insulation by ceramic insulators with positive and negative K wire, diameter 1.63mm
Sheath to process diameter 50mm in silicon carbide, length 500mm
Sheath to case diameter 20mm in SS304, Length 400mm
Head connection in Aluminum DIN B
Electric input connections M20x1.5mm
2 bores ceramic terminal block