Double Pt100 with Thermowell

Double RTD Pt100Double Pt100 with Thermowell and Transmitter
Double element 3+3 wires
Tollerance Class A IEC751
Simple Insulation
Range from -50 °C to +300 °C
Sheath diameter 6mm in AISI316
Underhead length 225mm
Connection head in aluminum DIN
Conduit entry M20x1.5mm include cable gland
Temperature Transmitter with output 4..20mA
Transmitter conficuration 0..200 °C
Sliding fitting in AISI, connection ½” NPT Male

Thermowell in AISI316
Cut from round of 35mm
Conical shape
Internal bore 6.5mm
Connection for threaded Probe ½” NPT-F
Length Extension: 100mm
Process connection: 1” NPT-M
Length Immersion: 75mm