mineral oxide (MgO)

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Thermocouple K Type in MgO Compressed

Thermocouple K typeThermocouple K type in Mgo
Tolerance class 1 as IEC584 1,2
Hot Joint insulated
Insulation in MgO compressed
Sheath diameter 4mm in Inconel600
Sheath length 400mm
Junction transiction in AISI, diameter 8x50mm + anti-crease spring, total length 50mm
Spot-welding on transiction + crimping and resining
Extension cable section 2×0,35 mm2 screened by Teflon insulated cable
Cable length 3.1 meters
Cable screen connected to the Inconel600 sheath

Thermocouple K type

Thermocouple K TypeThermocouple K Type
Calibration IEC584, Class 1
Hot Joint Insualted
Insulation in Mgo Compressed
Sheath Diameter 3.17 mm in Inconel600
Sheath length 100mm
Junction Transition diameter 6x50mm in Stainless Steel  + anticreasing spring
Extension cable section 2×0.35 mm2 insulated by silicon rubber shielded
Length 0.34 mt.
Mignature connector 2 poles male

Thermocouple K type

Thermocouple K Type

Tollerance Class 1 as IEC584 1,2
Single Hot Joint Insulated
Insert diameter 6mm in AISI316 by Mgo compressed
External sheath diameter 10mm in AISI316
Sheath length 520mm
Diameter extension in AISI316 od. 15mm
Extension length 80mm
Total length 800mm
Connection Head in aluminum DIN B
Input electrical connection M20x1.5
Ceramic terminal block 2 bores

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