Thermocouple Hot Runner

Excellent corrosion resistance for industrial process with aggressive agents

Thermocouple Hot Runner

  • Single thermocouple
  • K,J,T,N, Type (others on request)
  • Tollerance Class 1 or 2 as IEC584, ANSI MC 96.1 Standard or Special
  • Hot Joint: isolated, grounded
  • Oxide Mineral (MgO) Execution 
  • Diameters from 0,5 mm to 3 mm (others on request)
  • Sheath in Stainless Steel 316, Inconel600 (others on request)
  • Transition Pot Seal:
    – – moulded in thermoplastic material diameter 5×20 mm, max temperature 530 °C
    – – Aisi diam. 4 o 6 mm
  • Extension cable with various size and insulations (PVC, Teflon, Kapton, Fiberglass, Silicon rubber)
  • Mignon or Standard connectors headed on cable
  • BAR DIN Transmitter
  • Fix or sliding compression fittings or bayonet with spring
  • Option: plate for contact measuring